Applications & Product-Solutions

As producer of chemical products and compounds we are in a constant dialogue with industrial and trade associations. Thus we safeguard that we constantly are state of the art related to the application and construction of the REACH-Regulation.


paper- & board coating

Baumeister offers a wide-ranging and practice-approved portfolio of rheological additives to be applied on paper and cardboard. Our formulations lead to sustainable quality improvements:

  • Improved fiber coverage, higher paper smoothness and gloss
  • Higher coating solids
  • Reduced binder amount
  • Possible usage of lower cost pigments
  • Improved coater runnability



Baumeister has specialised in the development of barrier coatings in the field of food packaging. Our core products are:

  • Mineral oil barrier (MOSH/MOAH)
  • Grease and oil barrier
  • Water vapour barrier gas barriers like oxygen or carbondioxide barrier

In addition, Baumeister is a leading producer of crosslinking agents for the production of alkali resistant paper grades in particular label papers.


textile coating & -finishing

Baumeister offers a wide range of binder for the finishing and coating of textile fabrics. Whether ready-made products or technical articles are concerned, for sure, we have the appropriate binder for your requirements. In addition, we offer finished printing pastes and compounds for the coating of technical articles like e.g. black-out or ink-jet-receiving layers. Please contact us directly for this


Let us customize your product!

It is one of our major strengths to develop highly specialised and customized solutions for the different applications in collaboration with our customers. You have a specific project and you are looking for a customized solution? Do not hesitate to contact us directly.